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Morning Dashboard Check

Start your day with clarity: Log into Property Fox to access your Morning Dashboard. This comprehensive view categorizes your leads as hot, warm, upcoming mortgage maturities, anniversaries, and so much more. It's your launchpad for a productive day.

Benefit: Prioritize your day effectively, ensuring you focus on the most promising opportunities right from the start.

Property Fox Dashboard
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Opportunity Management

Know where to invest your time: Unsure which opportunities to prioritize? Property Fox provides expert recommendations. It highlights refinancing opportunities, payment comparisons, and more.

Benefit: Eliminate guesswork and make informed decisions about which opps to pursue, improving your efficiency.

Opportunity Details and Insights

In-depth understanding: Dive into the specifics of each opportunity. Access comprehensive insights, lender information, balance details, and potential savings. Gain a deeper understanding of your clients' mortgage options.


Benefit: Equip yourself with detailed information to tailor your approach and provide more value to your clients.

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Want to see the actual software and find out how it works?

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Rate Comparison and Analysis

Compare with confidence: Utilize Property Fox's Rate Comparison and Analysis screen. Compare mortgage products side-by-side, incorporating rates from over 60 lenders. Receive instant comparisons and recommendations based on current penalties, savings, and rates.


Benefit: Present your clients with the most competitive mortgage options, strengthening your position as a trusted advisor.


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Rate Change Forecasting

Stay ahead of the curve: Showcase your expertise by setting thresholds and predicting the impact of future interest rate changes on your clients' mortgages. Run what-if scenarios and provide informed suggestions to help them save money.

Benefit: Proactively advise clients on how to navigate potential rate fluctuations, demonstrating your industry knowledge.

Property Fox Forecasting
Rate Forecasting with Property Fox
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Client Qualification and Stress Test

Streamlined qualification: Use Property Fox's stress test and eligibility functionality to explore opportunities to enhance your client's mortgage. Quickly determine if they qualify for specific mortgage products, eliminating wasted applications.

Benefit: Improve efficiency by identifying eligible mortgages swiftly, saving you time and effort.

Homeownership Performance

Client engagement: Understand your clients' past, present, and future homeownership journey. Share these insights to engage your clients in meaningful conversations about their financial goals.


Benefit: Strengthen client relationships by demonstrating your commitment to helping them achieve their homeownership dreams.

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Client Retention and Referrals

Proactive retention: Proactively monitor upcoming mortgage renewals and reach out to clients with competitive offers before they consider straight renewals with their lenders. Strengthen your professional relationships and generate referrals.


Benefit: Boost client retention and expand your network through referrals, ultimately growing your business.

Reporting and Insights

Data-driven decisions: Dive deeper into your business with comprehensive reporting. Download detailed reports to share with your clients! Understand your pipeline, track progress, and uncover hidden opportunities. Gain insights like never before.


Benefit: Make data-driven decisions to improve your brokerage's performance and profitability, and share them with your clients to get the conversations started.

Property Fox Analysis Report
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Automated Calculations

Efficiency at its best: Property Fox automates the time-consuming work of processing and consolidating data, allowing you to focus on your strengths in helping people.


Benefit: Save time and reduce manual workload while ensuring accuracy in your calculations.

Client Interaction

Effortless communication: Easily communicate with your clients, providing them with transparent, user-friendly displays of calculations and comparisons. Demonstrate scenarios effortlessly.


Benefit: Enhance the client experience by simplifying complex mortgage information.

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Notifications and Alerts

Stay in the loop: Stay updated with real-time email alerts and on-screen notifications about high-priority deals. Ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Benefit: Never let important opportunities slip through the cracks by staying informed and responsive.

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Property Fox: Where your mortgage broker routine gets an efficiency makeover! Dive into our mortgage analysis toolkit and elevate your brokerage game

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