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Lead Management: Navigating a Herd of Opportunities

What is lead management software?

As a mortgage broker, you know that lead management is the backbone of a successful sales organization. But good leads are hard to find!  The great news is that you're probably already crazy with leads, you just need to identify them.

With Property Fox, we empower you to prioritize leads effectively, so you know who to call first and what factual financial data to share. This finds you more leads and helps you to maximize every opportunity.

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Dive Deeper: Property Fox's Comprehensive Mortgage Analysis Tools

We go the extra mile to provide you with a holistic understanding of your clients' mortgage.

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Essential Features:

  • Lead Generation for Refinancing Opportunities: Identify eligible mortgages that qualify for reduced payments through refinancing.

  • Payment Comparisons: Quickly identify mortgages with significantly increased payments compared to their original terms.

  • Mortgage Maturity Tracking: Stay informed about upcoming mortgage anniversary dates for timely client outreach.

  • Cumulative Mortgage Value: Calculate the total combined value of all monitored mortgages for an overview of your portfolio.

  • Savings Insights: Determine potential cost savings by comparing rates from 60 different lenders to current mortgage terms.

  • Alternative Evaluation: Compare mortgage payments to alternative options for tailored financial recommendations.

  • Exit Penalty Clarity: Gain a clear understanding of exit penalties and their calculation methods to assist clients in making informed decisions.


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Advanced Insights:

  • Interest Savings Projection: Predict the interest saved up to the end of your mortgage term.

  • Homeownership Outlook: Estimate the percentage of home ownership by the term's conclusion.

  • Lender Comparison: Contrast interest savings with the current bank against other lenders.

  • Historical Performance: Analyze how the mortgage has performed against initial alternatives.

  • Efficiency Evaluation: Gauge the current mortgage's efficiency in minimizing interest and compare it to the best available today.

  • Stress Test Analysis: Calculate the stress test score for any selected mortgage.

  • Eligibility Assessment: Identify eligible mortgages based on income and monthly payments.

  • Stress Test Variations: See how stress test score changes with income adjustments or debt consolidation.

  • Rate Fluctuation Impact: Predict the consequences of future interest rate changes on a mortgage's performance.

  • Future Ownership Timeline: Estimate when they will fully own their home if they switch or stick with their mortgage.

  • Total Interest Comparison: Compare total interest payments for their current mortgage and alternative scenarios.

  • Consolidation Benefits: Calculate the combined interest payments across all current debts and compare post-switch consolidated payments.

With Property Fox, you gain a powerful ally in helping your clients make informed decisions about their mortgage journey. We ensure you're equipped with deep insights into various scenarios, empowering you to take charge of their financial future. Say goodbye to guesswork – say hello to clarity and confidence.

Start Generating More Leads with Property Fox

Full access. No long term contracts for individual advisors.

Other Property Fox Benefits


Streamline Client Communication and Mortgage Insights

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You now have more reasons to contact your clients, stay top of mind, build trust and keep them for life.

  • Instant Mortgage Details: Quickly access vital information such as lender details, current and original balances, payment histories, and prime rate adjustments.

  • Personalized Payment Insights: Provide tailored service with access to current and initial payment data, prepayment penalty estimates, balance summaries, interest and principal breakdowns, and prime rate fluctuations, empowering you to make informed recommendations based on your client's financial situation.

  • Exit Penalty Clarity: Gain a comprehensive understanding of prepayment penalty calculations and estimates, ensuring transparent guidance for your clients.

  • Flexible Rate Tracking: Effortlessly monitor rates for various mortgage types, including true variable rates, and make real-time adjustments to secure the best possible deal for your clients.

  • Renewal Optimization: Maximize savings by comparing current rates with straight bank renewals, guiding your clients toward sound financial decisions.

  • Save and Resume: Save clients' mortgage details for convenient access and resume comparisons whenever needed, ensuring efficiency and ease in your workflow.


Outsmart the Banks - Stay Ahead of Mortgage Renewals and Secure Your Client's Business

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In the fiercely competitive landscape where banks strive to control mortgage renewals, brokers need a strategic advantage.

Property Fox empowers you to proactively monitor upcoming renewals in advance, enabling you to maintain control of crucial dates and prevent the banks from swooping in to claim your deals.

With our platform, you gain the ability to continuously assess your mortgage portfolio automatically, identifying opportunities to win clients back from the banks.

Property Fox delivers real-time rates, along with the offers your clients are likely to receive from their banks. This invaluable insight allows you to reach out to your clients with the best possible offer, often surpassing what the banks can provide, all before your clients initiate a straight renewal with their lender.


Set Yourself Up for Success Whether Interest Rates are Rising or Falling

Be informed of how rising or falling interest rates affect amortization, and adjust your client's cash flow or make other necessary changes to keep them as stable as possible.

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Just Good to Know


Secure Infrastructure

Secure infrastructure is meant to ensure your foundation is rock solid and reliable so that security can be maintained at all times.With Property Fox, you benefit from world-class hosting infrastructure, state-of-the-art encryption for all data, whether at rest or in transit over public networks and daily backups going back three months. Add this to various security certificates and you get a product that is secure from top to bottom.

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Improve your customer retention and loyalty with Property Fox!

Full access. No long term contracts for individual advisors.

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