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The right mortgage at the right moment.

Use Property Fox to secure more purchase and refinance loans. Create lasting connections with borrowers and prospects, and deliver the right mortgage at the right moment to become their lifelong advisor.

Full access. No long term contracts for individual advisors.

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Try Property Fox Now

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Designed to keep you closing mortgage deals.  Want to know more?


Make Every Client Interaction Count:
Streamline Your Workflow with Property Fox

Start strong, close faster. Prioritize opportunities with Property Fox as your central client hub. By proactively analyzing mortgage options tailored to their needs, you lay a solid foundation before the paperwork marathon begins.

Here's how it works:

  1. Client onboarding: Dive deep into each mortgage in your portfolio with instant access to rates, penalties, and potential savings for various products. Recommend the best fit, every time.

  2. Effortless data entry: No need for endless forms. Start with minimal information and effortlessly adjust comparisons on the fly.

  3. Client engagement: Impress with personalized reports showcasing your expertise and building trust. Retain happy clients, attract new ones.

Don't wait, elevate your client experience and see the results.

Partner with Property Fox today.

Step 1

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Start Saving Your Clients Money Today!

Effortless Data Entry:

Begin with as little as just a mortgage statement. Upload deals instantly or import in bulk from your CRM.

Instant Opportunity Insights:

Start your day with a clear snapshot of your portfolio. See hot leads, upcoming maturities, potential savings opportunities, and more. No need to sift - opportunities are prioritized for you.

Never Miss an Opportunity:

Property Fox continuously scans your portfolio for new opportunities. Get instant alerts for high-priority clients needing your attention. Close more deals with timely interventions.

Step 2

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Uncover Hidden Savings & Empower Clients

Ignite Curiosity & Close More Deals:

Intrigue your clients! Send them the Mortgage Analysis Report (see the sample below), complete with your photo and contact info, before your meeting. Spark their curiosity, highlight potential opportunities, and pave the way for confident decision-making. 

Historical Performance:

Analyze past payments and interest to understand historical performance and identify potential savings opportunities.

Indifference Rate:

See the exact rate at which refinancing becomes financially beneficial for your client, offering a clear decision-making threshold.

Equity Accumulation: Track actual equity growth and unlock its potential value for future investments or debt consolidation.

Predict Future Interest Rates: Anticipate market shifts and recommend proactive actions.

Mortgage Efficiency: Measure how effectively each payment reduces principal, highlighting efficient options for long-term savings.

Estimate Mortgage Penalties: Weigh potential savings against penalties, supporting clients in making well-informed decisions.

Step 3

 Simplify the Presentation of Refinancing Options

Side-by-Side Comparisons: Get started with as little info as a Mortgage Statement and see your client's Recommended Mortgage alongside their current one, and the Comparison Mortgage (likely their bank renewal offer), all in one clear view.

Identify the Best Option:

Quickly compare terms, rates, and features to find the mortgage that truly benefits your client.


Transparent Calculations:

Understand exactly how interest, penalties, and savings factor into each choice.

Client Qualification:

Stress test and eligibility tools improve your client's mortgage options efficiently, reducing unnecessary applications and wait times.

Customized Reports: Adjust rates and values in your analysis on the Mortgage Comparison screen in real-time.  Also, include or exclude information based on your analysis, tailoring the report to your client's specific needs.


Now Close the Deal with Confidence!

Generate a stunning, shareable Mortgage Refinance Report (see the sample below) complete with your photo and contact details. It showcases clear calculations, comparisons, and potential benefits, empowering informed decisions and closing more deals.

We can't wait to show you how to speed up your sales with Property Fox!

Unveiling Your Client's Mortgage Truth: Comprehensive Analysis & Tailored Refinance Solutions

The Sharable Mortgage Analysis Report

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Why Analyze Past Mortgage Decisions?

While the past choice may not be perfect today, reviewing it offers valuable insights:

  • See net savings: Understand the overall financial impact of past payments and interest, even if the mortgage seems less than ideal now.

  • Identify refinancing urgency: If the current mortgage is suboptimal, analyze its future performance and assess the urgency for a change.

  • Build trust: Share clear data and future scenarios to guide clients and build a foundation of transparency.

Property Fox empowers informed decisions - past, present, and future.

The Sharable Mortgage Refinance Report

Streamline Refinancing with Property Fox Compare: Find Your Best Option

Simplify refinancing decisions with Property Fox Compare Functionality. Based on your client's unique goals and financial situation, we recommend the best mortgage option and compare it to a relevant alternative.



  • Tailored presentation: Focus on the Recommended Mortgage with one clear comparison.

  • Effortless experience: Minimal documentation needed for fast decision-making.

  • Informed choices: See pros and cons of refinancing now vs. later.

  • Clear comparisons: Visually compare mortgages in an easy-to-understand report.

Start making smarter refinancing decisions today!

Mortgage Analysis Report
Refinance Report

Empowering Brokers, Thriving Borrowers

At Property Fox, we're on a mission to empower Canadian mortgage brokers with cutting-edge, all-encompassing, and affordable software solutions. Our commitment is to simplify the complex and make it swift and hassle-free for brokers to uncover opportunities, enabling borrowers to achieve three essential goals:

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1. Minimize Interest Charges: Our tools effortlessly navigate the intricate mortgage landscape, helping brokers minimize interest charges and keep more money in borrowers' pockets.

2. Maximize Equity: Property Fox equips brokers to assist clients in growing their home equity, securing their financial futures by providing insights and strategies.

3. Optimize Lending Products: We understand that every borrower has unique needs and Property Fox ensures brokers can match them with lending products that perfectly align with their financial goals.

With Property Fox, we place the power of informed mortgage decisions in the hands of brokers, driving better outcomes for borrowers. We firmly believe that when brokers succeed, borrowers thrive. 

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Remember, Property Fox doesn't just make comparisons, it empowers results.

Become their trusted advisor. Close more deals. Save the world.

Don't Wait for Rate Change Surprises – Be Prepared with Property Fox

Forecast interest rate changes and evaluate which of your clients would benefit before their renewal becomes competitive, and more frequently than just an annual review. Don't wait for rate changes to contact your clients and risk losing them to discount rate providers or their bank.

Be proactive and sign up for Property Fox.

Here's what our customers think about our mortgage software

Matt Parker

~ The Mortgage Group

Craig Vetter

~ Vetter Consulting

For years, we wasted countless hours and resources trying to manually calculate penalties and client savings to find refinance opportunities from our database. Property Fox automatically does the time-consuming math for us daily and sends us a list of leads so we can focus on closing deals. Whether you are a new or experienced broker, Property Fox will make you more money.
Property Fox is an incredible tool for Mortgage Brokers to serve their database actively. The analytics that they provide allows you to look for opportunities to grow your business and, more importantly, enable you to serve your database better and differentiate yourself compared to the banks and other brokers. If you are a Mortgage Broker who is passionate about serving and providing value to your clients, then an investment in Property Fox is a must, in my opinion.

Master Mortgage Matchmaking, Boost Sales

Your Property Fox Advantage

How will Property Fox help me improve sales?

Picture this:

Effortlessly finding the dream balance of low interest and affordable payments for clients. Close more deals as you consistently deliver the perfect mortgage. Freedom from endless data entry and manual analysis.

Property Fox unlocks this reality. We empower mortgage advisors like you to become client heroes and supercharge your sales:

  • Matchmake in seconds: Instantly analyze and compare multiple options to find the ideal mortgage for each client.

  • Impress with personalized magic: Build trust and loyalty with tailored reports showcasing client savings and your expertise and professionalism.

  • Stay one step ahead: Proactively identify refinancing opportunities before clients consider elsewhere. Secure repeat business and referrals.

Ditch the tedious, embrace the efficient:

  • Minimal data entry: No more endless forms. Start with minimal client information and effortlessly adjust mortgage comparisons on the fly.

  • Automated analysis: Leave the heavy lifting to us. We automatically monitor and review all mortgages to find winning refinancing opportunities, and then we alert you!

Get the ultimate edge:

  • Predict future rates: Leverage your expertise with our data to recommend proactive actions and stay ahead of market shifts.

  • Real-time impact: Instantly understand the economic impact of each option for confident decision-making.

  • Seamless client transitions: Effortlessly guide clients between products as their needs evolve, ensuring long-term value.

Property Fox is your partner in mortgage mastery. Sign up today to close more deals, win more clients, and reclaim your time.

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One price and you get everything

Find the perfect fit for your budget and needs. Property Fox offers flexible pricing plans designed to empower mortgage advisors of all sizes, from solopreneurs to large teams.

Is Property Fox suitable for large teams?

Absolutely! Whether you're a solo broker or a powerhouse team, Property Fox is designed to meet your business needs. Our platform offers powerful tools and features that enhance your operations, simplify deal management, and drive lead generation. Property Fox adapts to your requirements, empowering you to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and achieve success. Don't let your team size limit your success. Contact us today to see how Property Fox can help you soar!

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Predict Interest Rate Shifts and Benefit Your Clients

Don't limit your client outreach to annual reviews; anticipate interest rate changes well before their renewals become competitive. Waiting until rates shift may put your clients at risk of opting for discount rate providers or sticking with their bank.

Empower your clients and secure their financial success with Property Fox.

Forget generic "happy birthday" messages!

Unlock actionable insights and improve your clients' financial futures with Property Fox. We go beyond basic communication to deliver personalized recommendations based on real data like current interest rates, potential penalties, and savings.

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