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Navigating the Challenges: Redefining the Broker-Client Bond with Property Fox

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

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In a rapidly evolving mortgage landscape, consumer trust in mortgage brokers is experiencing a dip, according to the 2023 CMHC Mortgage Consumer Survey. The survey reveals a concerning decline in consumer satisfaction from 86% in 2022 to 71% in 2023, pointing to various challenges faced by mortgage consumers in Canada. As fellow mortgage brokers, Property Fox understand the intricacies of our industry, and these findings resonate deeply.

The Tale of Consumer Satisfaction: A Shift in Dynamics

The CMHC survey paints a clear picture of the obstacles faced by consumers. The numbers speak volumes:

1. Decrease in Mortgage Offers: Brokers presented fewer mortgage offers, dropping from 3.2 in 2022 to 2.7 in 2023.

2. Lack of Follow-up Contact: Broker follow-up decreases from 71% in 2022 to 49% in 2023, with clients learning about interest rate increases from payments rather than proactive communication.

3. Fewer Perks: Consumers received fewer complementary financial products in 2023, dropping from 64% in 2022 to 34%.

Property Fox: A Symphony of Solutions

Amidst these challenges, Property Fox takes centre stage, not just as a platform but as an immersive experience transforming broker-client interactions. We recognize the need for efficiency and client-centric solutions, and Property Fox aligns seamlessly with these aspirations.

Here's how Property Fox revolutionizes the consumer-advisor relationship:

1. Increase in Mortgage Offers:

   - Efficient Prioritization: Property Fox empowers brokers to efficiently prioritize leads, ensuring no opportunity is overlooked and unlocking a myriad of possibilities.

2. Specializing in Refinancing:

   - Refinancing Mastery: Identify eligible mortgages for reduced payments, providing your clients with a spectrum of choices and expanding the horizon of mortgage offers.

3. Payment Comparisons:

   - Seamless Insights: Quickly identify mortgages with increased payments and effortlessly present alternatives. Share polished .pdf files over email for a seamless client experience.

4. More Personalized Follow-up:

   - Opportunity Management: Property Fox transforms you into proactive advisors, guiding timely follow-up and maximizing every opportunity.

5. Comprehensive Mortgage Analysis:

   - Holistic Understanding: Property Fox provides a 360-degree view of clients' mortgages, enabling informed discussions tailored to individual financial situations.

6. Automated Reminders and Timely Outreach:

   - Precision in Communication: Automated reminders ensure you stay informed, enabling timely outreach that strengthens the client-broker relationship.

7. Efficient Communication Plans:

   - Tailored Strategies: Introduce personalized communication plans, crafting emailable .pdf files showcasing mortgage comparisons and analyzations.

8. More Financial Perks:

   - Tailored Financial Recommendations: Compare mortgage payments in real-time, offering personalized and tailored financial recommendations aligned with clients' unique needs.

Our commitment to delivering the highest level of service to our clients is unwavering. In navigating the challenges of our ever-evolving industry, Property Fox stands as a steadfast ally, not just enhancing your capabilities but also redefining confidence in mortgage professionals. Our platform ushers in a new era of satisfaction and trust, revitalizing the broker-client bond. With Property Fox, the consumer-advisor relationship takes on a new dimension, where efficiency, transparency, and personalized service converge to create an unparalleled experience.

Explore the future of mortgage brokerage at and witness how it can elevate your practice, strengthening the invaluable bond with your clients.


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