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The right mortgage at the right moment.

Use Property Fox to secure more purchase and refinance loans. Create lasting connections with borrowers and prospects, and deliver the right mortgage at the right moment to become their lifelong advisor.

Full access. No long term contracts for individual advisors.

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Why Should I Use Property Fox?

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Property Fox dashboard

Designed to keep you closing mortgage deals.  Want to know more?

How Property Fox Works

At Property Fox, we advocate for making our platform the focal point of your initial client interactions, offering a proactive approach to opportunity management and a wealth of tools to assist your clients in their mortgage decisions. Why? Because by prioritizing comprehensive analyses of mortgage products tailored to your client's unique needs, you lay a solid foundation before delving into the sometimes tedious document gathering and lender application assembly process. Property Fox offers you immediate access to up-to-the-minute interest rates, penalty calculations, and potential savings, allowing you to make educated comparisons among various mortgage products and consistently recommend the most suitable option for your clients at any given moment. 

Here is our three-step guide to starting with Property Fox and setting on the path to providing superior service right from the outset:

Step 1

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Get Started with Quick Data Entry and Portfolio Monitoring

Data Entry:

Quickly enter client mortgage information, either manually or by bulk upload.

Dashboard Check:

Begin your day with a dashboard review, paying special attention to pre-categorized hot and warm deals, or upcoming maturities.


Continuous Monitoring:

Property Fox intelligently analyzes your entire mortgage portfolio, detecting valuable opportunities in real-time, while you work on closing existing business.

Step 2

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Prioritize Deals and Gain Client Insights

Alerts and Prioritization:

As Property Fox mines for opportunities, it sends you email alerts and on-screen notifications about high-priority opportunities where your clients need to hear from you today, ensuring you focus on the most promising opportunities first.

Homeownership Performance: 

After selecting a client, access their mortgage details, including past, present, and future homeownership information. Spark their interest & prepare for a conversation. Download a .pdf to share before contacting them.

Client Qualification:

Stress test and eligibility tools improve your client's mortgage options efficiently, reducing unnecessary applications and wait times.

Step 3

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Optimize Mortgages and Engage Clients for Life

Real-time Mortgage Comparisons:

Compare mortgage products side-by-side from the majority of Canadian lenders, providing instant recommendations based on current penalties, savings, and rates, and maximize client savings.

Rate Change Forecasting:

Showcase your expertise with rate change forecasting to evaluate the impact of future market changes. Run what-if scenarios & make informed suggestions to save them money.​

Client Retention:

Boost client retention & referrals through proactive renewal monitoring, enabling you to provide competitive offers before clients opt for straight renewals. Share Property Fox with trusted professionals to generate a high referral closure rate, strengthening relationships.

We can't wait to show you how to speed up your sales with Property Fox!

Unveiling Your Client's Mortgage Truth: Comprehensive Analysis & Tailored Refinance Solutions

The Shareable Mortgage Analysis Report

analysis report

Why Analyze Past Mortgage Decisions?

While the past choice may not be perfect today, reviewing it offers valuable insights:

  • See net savings: Understand the overall financial impact of past payments and interest, even if the mortgage seems less than ideal now.

  • Identify refinancing urgency: If the current mortgage is suboptimal, analyze its future performance and assess the urgency for a change.

  • Build trust: Share clear data and future scenarios to guide clients and build a foundation of transparency.

Property Fox empowers informed decisions - past, present, and future.

The Shareable Mortgage Refinance Report

refinance report

Streamline Refinancing with Property Fox Comparisons: Find Them the Best Option

Simplify refinancing decisions with Property Fox's Compare Functionality. Based on your client's unique goals and financial situation, we recommend the best mortgage option and compare it to a relevant alternative.



  • Tailored presentation: Focus on the Recommended Mortgage with one clear comparison.

  • Effortless experience: Minimal documentation needed for fast decision-making.

  • Informed choices: See pros and cons of refinancing now vs. later.

  • Clear comparisons: Visually compare mortgages in an easy-to-understand report.

Start making smarter refinancing decisions today!

Stop Missing Out! Recapture Renewals & Grow Your Business with Property Fox 

Mortgage Brokers know that there are way more renewals every year than there are new mortgages, and that renewals happen regardless of the ups and downs of rates and market conditions. If they want to grow consistently, they need to win as many of those as possible.

But since lenders make it easy for borrowers to renew directly with them, today they win 90% of those opportunities, cutting mortgage brokers out of the largest opportunity for revenue.

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So Mortgage Brokers need an efficient way to find the opportunities that would benefit from refinancing, regardless of whether they have worked with that client before or not.

Property Fox is an opportunity management system specifically built for Canadian Mortgage Brokers that helps them find refinancing opportunities from past clients, prospect for new clients potentially looking to refinancing, improve the connection with clients to drive referrals, and reduce the workload for Brokers in the process.

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Mortgage opportunities - cracked!

Become their trusted advisor. Close more deals. Save the world.

Simple Connections

Property Fox imports data from leading origination systems so you can get to work finding more opportunities right away. We support Zendesk too!

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Don't Wait for Rate Change Surprises – Be Prepared with Property Fox

Forecast interest rate changes and evaluate which of your clients would benefit before their renewal becomes competitive, and more frequently than just an annual review. Don't wait for rate changes to contact your clients and risk losing them to discount rate providers or their bank.

Be proactive and sign up for Property Fox.

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How Does Property Fox Work?

Here's what our customers think about our mortgage software

Matt Parker

~ The Mortgage Group

Craig Vetter

~ Vetter Consulting

For years, we wasted countless hours and resources trying to manually calculate penalties and client savings to find refinance opportunities from our database. Property Fox automatically does the time-consuming math for us daily and sends us a list of leads so we can focus on closing deals. Whether you are a new or experienced broker, Property Fox will make you more money.
Property Fox is an incredible tool for Mortgage Brokers to serve their database actively. The analytics that they provide allows you to look for opportunities to grow your business and, more importantly, enable you to serve your database better and differentiate yourself compared to the banks and other brokers. If you are a Mortgage Broker who is passionate about serving and providing value to your clients, then an investment in Property Fox is a must, in my opinion.

Communicate personalized recommendations to your clients backed by real data, going beyond generic touchpoints like "happy birthday" messages. 

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Will Property Fox work for me?

Boost sales and drive leads into your pipeline

How will Property Fox help me improve sales?

Mortgage holders are always looking for the best mortgage. Ideally, they want to balance minimal interest with affordable payments. Advisors that consistently achieve that for their clients grow faster and sign more deals.

Evaluating new incoming mortgages while reviewing all of your past mortgages to find winning refinancing opportunities can seem overwhelming.  And if you have to enter too much information in the first place, or have to re-enter the information every time you go back to look at the mortgage, it creates too much overhead.

So Brokers need to enter the least amount of information possible, as few times as possible, and then be given a comprehensive and complete analysis of what a person’s mortgage looks like today, how it is performing, and what options are available to improve that mortgage. 

Property Fox is the only system that lets mortgage brokers apply their expertise in predicting future rates, automatically reviews all current mortgages to find new winning opportunities against current rates, and shows precisely the economic impact of selecting a mortgage product. It equips advisors with the knowledge to be able to move their clients freely between mortgage products as the need or opportunity arises.

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One price and you get everything

Property Fox offers competitive pricing plans tailored to meet the specific needs of mortgage brokers and financial advisors. Our pricing is designed provide value and affordability for business of all sizes from individuals to large organizations. 


Is Property Fox suitable for large teams?

Absolutely! Whether you're a solo broker or part of a large team, Property Fox is designed to meet your business needs. Our platform offers powerful tools and features that enhance your operations, simplify deal management, and drive lead generation.  Property Fox adapts to your requirements, empowering you to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and achieve success. No matter the size of your team, Property Fox has you covered.

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~ Property Fox Mgt.

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Predict Interest Rate Shifts and Benefit Your Clients

Don't limit your client outreach to annual reviews; anticipate interest rate changes well before their renewals become competitive. Waiting until rates shift may put your clients at risk of opting for discount rate providers or sticking with their bank.

Empower your clients and secure their financial success with Property Fox.

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